Support Base Event Solutions. ‘Flexibility’ is Key.

At Support Base we expect to fit our services to your requirements. In fact, flexibility is what most clients require, so we have developed a series of solutions based on our many years as an events business. We have an established track-record in delivering ‘cutting-edge' conferences and seminars around policy and regulatory affairs issues.

For some events, you’ll be able to manage certain elements in-house, such as marketing or programming. For others, where you may be overstretched or under-resourced, it may make sense to contract the full event to an external provider. This can include everything from event research through to on-the-day attendee registration. Below are the principal packages that we offer.

360° Event Solutions

When Support Base is contracted to provide a full start-to-finish event management service, we offer a 360° event overview, starting with background research in areas such as event dates, venue possibilities, internal/external providers and invitee prospects. We’ll also cover contributor and moderator relations plus budgeting and event marketing. Along the way, we will advise and instruct designers and our webmaster to produce materials to bring a visual identity to the event. This can be used at every stage of the marketing and communication strategy. 

We manage the event throughout its life cycle, coordinating our activity with external associates while ensuring that client budgets and timelines are maintained. You’ll always be aware of what we are doing at any given moment via our event timetable – a comprehensive, continuously updated spread sheet covering all the main elements that turn a planned event into a reality. Depending on the client’s needs, the ‘360⁰ Event Management Solutions’ package will include many or all of the following elements:

  • Full event briefing meeting with client
  • Research and preparation of timelines, unsuitable dates, venues, providers, budgets
  • Event budget preparation and supplier evaluation
  • Negotiating of venue options and final requirements, including guest rooming arrangements, catering and conference facility allocations 
  • Preparation of marketing and communications strategy with timetable for implementation 
  • Coordination of designers, webmasters for all event-marketing materials, including invitations, programme, e-alerts, registration pages and all relevant links
  • Hosting electronically or project management of print including distribution, if required
  • Contributor relations including initial approaches to speakers, panellists, moderators through to acceptance to attend  
  • Invitee relations including on-going phone and email support  
  • Project management of all external suppliers
  • Supporting telephone activity, including telephone canvassing    
  • Event direction and staffing on the day  
  • PR support, including press relations  
  • Post-event communications including design, print and fulfilment service (for post-event reports etc.)

Bespoke Event Solutions

We understand that clients may have certain in-house support for an event but need more, perhaps in a specialist area such as marketing. Therefore Support Base offers a ‘Bespoke Event Support Solutions’ service. Quite simply, select the elements that best suit your requirements and we’ll integrate these into the strategy. Clients can choose any of the elements indicated in our ‘360⁰ Full Management Solutions Package’ or, perhaps, only those services involving research or design, hosting and print. The latter are explained here.    

Whatever the event - a congress, conference, seminar, exhibition, launch or informal cocktail -   Support Base can integrate its external support with the client’s own activities, in order to maximise two-way communications and project expectations. This will produce maximum awareness and exposure among the target audience.