Support Base Market Research Service. Independent & Unbiased

We understand the importance of market research as an effective barometer of opinion and feedback. It’s an integral part of our event service and assists clients in gauging the views of various stakeholder groups or the public’s attitude towards an issue, proposition, service or product. And because the research is conducted by us, the analysis is independent and unbiased.

We offer qualitative research, results based and representative of the population in general plus quantitative research. The latter is more in-depth; making greater use of open-ended questions. Our research can be conducted electronically, (via the internet), by post (via direct mail), by telephone or in a one-to-one or focus group environment. We can also offer a combination of these options.

We also conduct ‘Client Perception/Satisfaction Research’ surveys, to allow organisations to evaluate their client-service delivery. These surveys allow organisations to compare the findings with their internal criteria, helping to improve an organisation’s quality of service and efficiency.

Support Base Market Research Service offers the following options to clients: 

  • Event Evaluation, budgeting and analysis
  • Group opinions/attitudes surveys
  • Membership research (professional bodies, consultancies, trade associations etc.)
  • Client satisfaction surveys
  • Data capture (capture of market-led analysis and coordinates to database)
  • Market segmentation research (feasibility studies, sector-specific market research etc.)